The nationally accredited Certificate III in Construction and Waterproofing equips you with the specialist skills to become a trade qualified waterproofer. You will be in-demand as you learn to transform spaces in industrial, commercial and residential settings and manage waterproofing projects from plan to delivery.


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  • CPC31411 Brochure

Course Outcomes:

  • This qualification provides a trade outcome in waterproofing for the residential and commercial construction industry. Job titles for these roles may include Waterproofer.
  • The qualification has core unit of competency requirements that cover common skills for the construction industry, as well as a specialist field of work.
  • The construction industry strongly affirms that training and assessment leading to recognition of skills must be undertaken in a real or very closely simulated workplace environment and this qualification requires all units of competency to be delivered in this context.
  • Completion of the general induction training program specified by the National Code of Practice for Induction Training for Construction Work (ASCC 2007) is required before entering a construction work site. Achievement of unit CPCCOHS1001A covers this requirement.

Licensing Requirement

  • No occupational licensing, certification or specific legislative requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication

Third Parties

  • Australian Training College of Construction has a range of agreements with Third Party Organisations providing recruitment services.

Entry Requirement - Training Package

  • Some units in this qualification may have prerequisite requirements, which must be met when packaging the qualification. Users are referred to the list of CPC08 units with prerequisite unit requirements available in this Training Package for this purpose.

Entry Requirements:

  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Have completed Year 12 or equivalent; and
  • Successfully completed the ATCC LLN Test.

Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer

  • Recognition of prior learning (RPL) may be obtained for skills and knowledge obtained through previous study or relevant experience obtained in Australia. Australian Training College of Construction recognises qualifications from other Australian providers and offers student Credit Transfer.

Award Qualification and Outcome

  • On successful completion of this course students will be awarded a nationally recognised qualification:
    CPC31411 – Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing.

Course Content

  • The CPC31411 Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing requires the completion of 19 units of competency including 14 core units and 5 electives.

Units Of Competency

  • The list below of electives are sample only
National Code Title Core / Elective
CPCCCM1012A Work effectively and sustainably in the construction industry Core
CPCCCM1013A Plan and organise work Core
CPCCCM1014A Conduct workplace communication Core
CPCCCM1015A Carry out measurements and calculations Core
CPCCCM2001A Read and interpret plans and specifications Core
CPCCOHS2001A Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry Core
CPCCWP2001A Handle waterproofing materials Core
CPCCWP2002A Use waterproofing tools and equipment Core
CPCCWP2003A Prepare for construction waterproofing process Core
CPCCWP2004A Prepare surfaces for waterproofing application Core
CPCCWP3001A Apply waterproofing process to below ground level wet areas Core
CPCCWP3002A Apply waterproofing process to internal wet areas Core
CPCCWP3003A Apply waterproofing process to external wet areas Core
CPCCWP3004A Apply waterproofing remedial processes Core
BSBSMB301 Investigate micro business opportunities Elective
BSBSMB406 Manage small business finances Elective
CPCCCM2008B Erect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding Elective
CPCCCM2010B Work safely at heights Elective
CPCCCO2013A Carry out concreting to simple forms Elective



How can I apply for the course?

  • Contact our Student Support team on 02 8029 0498 for a personalised RPL kit and fee schedule.
  • Collect evidence to support your RPL application.
  • Forward your RPL application form contained in your RPL kit, RPL evidence and payment to ATCC .